Ariel Eson

No Man's Land's muscle


5’2" and kinda scrawny, but don’t let that fool you. She’s a lot tougher than she looks.

High Concept: Feminazi
Aspect: Tough Chick
Aspect: Bouncer At No Man’s Land
Aspect: Don’t Let My Size Fool You
Aspect: Super Strong
Trouble: Memories of Abuse


Melee, Battle, Power

Acrobatics Alertness +2
Athletics +4 Contacts
Deceive Drive
Empathy Endurance +5
Evade +5 Investigate
Lore Melee Weapons +5
Physique +5 Provoke +3
Ranged Weapons +3 Rapport
Resolve +1 Resources
Stealth Will +1


Nimble Ariel is rather short, and fairly skinny. This makes her a small target and able to move pretty fast. This stunt gives her a +2 to Evade when in a fight.
Impromptu Weapon Ariel can pick up something laying around and use it as a weapon without taking any penalties.
Powerful Blow Ariel gets a +2 to her Melee Weapons skill when fighting unarmed.


Super Strength

Ability Ariel is super strong. She gets +4 to Physique and a +2 to Fight when using brute strength. (3 Refresh)
Drawback Small Fry
Collateral Damage Take out nameless NPC, give moderate consequence to named NPC, or ignore an attack.

Danger Sense

Ability This allows Ariel to know of danger as it’s coming towards her. She’s gets a +2 to Evade from attacks and traps and a +2 to Alertness when in the way of danger. (2 Refresh)
Drawback False Positive

Ariel Eson

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