Octavious' gun

weapon (ranged)

A sleek firearm that has a fingerprint scanner on grip so only the owner can use it. The ammunition is a hot laser that can burn through a small amount of flesh but only leaves a burn mark on most other solid objects such as those made from metal or wood. A laser can reach up to two zones away and up to one laser can be fired per round. The lasers fired from this weapon are also slightly more deadly than normal laser guns. As long as the wielder hits they deal at least 1 damage to their victim unless said victim has ranked armor. This device can fire up to 50 lasers before needing a recharge which takes one scene to accomplish. New batteries can be obtained and the battery is located inside the chamber.
Within the grip of the gun, where a clip would be located for a bullet firing weapon, is a small device that can placed in one’s mouth to supply them with up to 3 minutes of air. This device is filled back up with air when installed back into the gun’s grip and can provide up to 1 new minute of air for every round it is being filled up to 3 minutes. The gun must be in an area containing fresh air to refill the device, and will not refill if it detects toxins.

Weapon Rank: 1
Stunt Extra-Breathing Apparatus: This item contains a device that can be disconnected and used to supply the user with up to 3 minutes or air.
Power Source: Battery


Octavious' gun

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