Character Considerations

Something brought to mind recently was the idea of having a few things figured out about your characters that we don’t always think about. These might be a good idea to have figured out ahead of game because some of them, if not all of them, would be known by the other PCs given that you have known each other most/all of your lives. If you prefer to just figure it out at the moment it comes up (if it ever does) that’s fine. There is no requirement to have these things figured out before the first session. Indeed, sometimes we like to get a feel for our characters before determining the minute details.

Some of the things to consider would be:

  • What type of drunk is your character?
  • What is your character’s sexual orientation?
  • Does your character have “a type?”
  • What does your character do for fun or to relax?
  • Does your character have any vices?
  • Is your character into one-night-stands or committed relationships?

Some of these could overlap with building your background. Keep in mind that because of the limits set for this campaign, you are being allowed to shape parts of the city, or maybe even the world, pending GM approval, to balance things out. If you decide your character has a particular hobby, it would be a good idea to make sure that hobby is accessible within the game.

You can also decide to chose one or more of these at random if you would like. Some prefer to flesh out your character to your ideal concept, which is fine. I know I sometimes like to just roll a die and work with what is presented. If you would like to take that challenge I have charts for some of the questions above. I won’t make charts for all because some of them could be handled with a coin flip.

Type of Drunk

These are types of drunks taken from a Buzzfeed list. You can tweek them to fit your character however you see fit. There are 12.

  1. The Banter Enforcer: You want everyone to have fun. This often means you encourage people to drink too much. You also likely harass people who have not had anything to drink (other than designated drivers hopefully) or people who do not appear to be having what you would consider fun. You’re often up for wild games and doing stupid stuff once intoxicated. This one is the most likely to be and the beer pong table or drinking out of people’s bellybuttons.
  2. The Denier: You refuse to ever admit that you are drunk. This often means that you drink too much and probably make yourself sick eventually. But even after walking out of the restroom with mess on your shirt, stumbling into walls, and losing a shoe you still refuse to accept that you’re drunk. Come morning, you probably realize the truth and tend to apologize to everyone that had to deal with you and fight you for your car keys. Or in this game, tie you down to keep you from flying home.
  3. The Human Rubbish Bin: Once drunk all you care about is eating. You will be the one to leave a club early in search for sustenance or at a party waist deep in your friend’s fridge. You have an uncanny ability to find a place serving food at any hour.
  4. The Horn: Or the horn-dog. When you’ve had a bit too much the only thing you think about is sex. You probably have a handful of numbers in your phone just for booty calls and have possibly slept with more than one friend. When you go to the club you go for one thing, and it’s not to dance.
  5. The Romantic: To this person alcohol is like a love potion. They get drunk and fall in love with the first person they see. This often causes them to be forlorn for that person the entire night, either because they hit on them and were rejected or because they are too afraid to approach them.
  6. The Self Destructor: This is the one that you have to take their cellphone before they get one drop in them. And likely their wallet, too. They crave shots and will go completely wild. They lose all sense of self control and tend to make very poor choices.
  7. The DMC: Or the Deep Meaningful Chat person. Once they’ve had a few they believe they are the world’s wisest person. Or at least the wisest in the immediate area. If they don’t have a relationship of their own to ponder on, be it a good, working relationship, or one going downhill, they will find someone else in need of sage advice. They will never be on the dance floor but rather in any place they can find someone crying or tending to a damaged soul.
  8. The Subtle Vommer: This character just gets sick too easily. They seem to be constantly hitting the restroom but without explanation. Obviously, they don’t want everyone to know they can’t hold their liquor.
  9. The Adult Baby: This one tends to lean on things, and often can’t even hold their head up after a while. This person simply does not know their limit and tends to go to far, becoming unable to speak coherently, spitting up at a moment’s notice, and needing someone to watch over them for the night. Sucks to be them.
  10. The Waterworks: They cry. That is their thing. They can’t help themselves, whether they are happy or sad. If happy they talk about how much they love everyone and what a great time they are having. If they are sad they fit and cry over that. Often accompanied by the DMC.
  11. The New Best Friend: This person takes a drink, disappears, and when you find them they are talking and hanging out with an entire group of people you, and likely they, have never met. They could be the shyest person, but once drunk they can talk to anyone about anything. Because of this, they also tend to be a bit too trusting and can bring people into a group that would normally be unwelcome.
  12. The Wanderer: If you get this one you could have an interesting time. Your friend turns their back and suddenly you’re just gone. A lot of times your friends will look for you and never find you. Ask other people if they’ve seen you and they’ll say something like, “oh yeah! He’s right… where’d he go?” You can disappear for a whole night just for your friends to find you in a restaurant after the party. Many times the night is such a blur for you that you can’t even explain what happened to you. And even if you can remember, your adventure doesn’t make any sense to your friends. Get this one and the GM might give you a mystery to solve.

Sexual Orientation

Going to try to keep this one simple. Get a d10 and roll.

1-4: Straight
5-7: Gay/Lesbian
8-9: Bisexual
10: Asexual

Character Considerations

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