Mitsuhama Splice Corporation

Unlocking Humanity’s Potential

Bureaucracy +3, Resources +3, Security +2, Tech +3, Violence +2

In a world of supers it is no surprise that bio-engineering is a big business. There are companies all over the world dedicated to learning more about the human body, but there is no company bigger than Mitsuhama. Countless cures and vaccines have been made by Mitsuhama, and you can find them in hospitals and doctor offices all over the world. Being able to afford them is a different story.

Mitsuhama works some in electronics as well, and because of this they do compete with WinCorp to some degree, but where WinCorp creates things for supers to use and amplify the use of their powers, Mitsuhama actually creates the supers themselves. They can engineer powers to fit the desires of the customer, which of course costs more than just having your super gene turned on.

Mitsuhama was also the very first to crack the code of the super gene. Someone leaked that secret out years ago, but for whatever reason Mitsuhama’s supers tend to just be better than the competition’s. Subjects have less drawbacks and adverse side-effects. There are rumors, though, that suggest that they outfit their supers, including the people that run the business, with kill switches. If this rumor is true it has not been proven as far as the public knows.

Notable Characters

Mitsuhama Splice Corporation

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