The World

Venture City is not the only place with supers, obviously. It’s just ground zero for where the first supers were spotted. And no one really knows why people suddenly started getting super powers but most expect it was some sort of jump in evolution. Other cultures may have their own ideas and beliefs. Indeed, supers are not as welcome all over the world as they are in Venture City. In some places they are viewed as abominations and are killed or oppressed. In some of those places war broke out and now are inhabited almost entirely of supers. Most places, though, are friendly and welcoming of the idea of super powers.

However, we’re not going to delve too deep into that in this campaign. If we can help it at all, the entire campaign should remain within this city. I know, build an open campaign where you can build what you want, play what you want, and do whatever you want with no pushing or guiding from the GM and you’re restricted to a single city. Savage. But that’s where we are at the moment and if we HAVE to expand then we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I know there are talks of having trade with China but for the time being actual game play will only take place in Venture City.

This page is to bring to light some common rules that this world follows. There aren’t a lot but they are important and they shape the campaign.

World Economy

The first and probably the biggest thing to shape the campaign is the fact that entire world is run by oligarchies. So companies run everything. If you want an idea of what that’s like there is a show on Netflix called Continuum that gives a pretty good example in the first episode or two. But in short, the company is everything and everything is for the company. The company makes the laws. In Continuum it’s big pharma. In Venture City it’s super powers. The company makes the laws, provides services to those who can afford them, such as police, firefighters, hospital care, and the like. Nothing is socialized. And if you can’t afford a company’s services, then you better hope you’re lucky.

Coming of Age

Generally speaking, most people get their powers, if they get them, at the same age as puberty. There are exceptional cases where a child make learn of their powers early on, even within weeks after birth. However, the chances of a child to gain powers before the age of 12 is roughly 1 in 450,000. The idea of multiple children in one generation from the same family having their powers that early is nearly inconceivable. In fact, there is only one exception to this. The Baldwin family.

The Heart of it All

Anything you find in the Adventure Log “newspaper” you can assume is happening all over the world. Though, unless specified, it begins in Venture City and spreads out. People losing their powers began in this city and has only recently spread to neighboring cities.

The World

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