Voyage Calendar

Desination Appox. travel time*
China 9 days
Europe 5 days
Africa 11 days
Canada 2 days
Mexico 3 days
Brazil 5 days
Elite Island 3 days

*Ideal conditions, one way

Name Leave Return Desination
Thorn March 6 March 18 Chile
Victor March 14 March 24 Spain
Floyd March 19 Japan

Cassandra’s Garments

Item Priority Date Requested Date Finished
Scabbard High March 15 March 18
3 Sets of Outfits with High Levels of Metallic Threading Medium March 11th March 25
3 Sets of Clothing from Amy – High Levels of Metallic Threading with electronics mixed in. Low Priority March 10th March 25

Cassandra’s Items:
High Priority: March 10th: Off the Grid Industrial Manufacturing Systems for Jinx. (March 20 Delivery Date)
High Priority: March 8: Cloaking Device for Jinx (March 19th Delivery Date)
Medium Priority: Getting Closer to a higher priority. March 10th: Off the Grid Security and Computer Systems for Jinx. (March 22 Delivery Date)

Weapons for War on Block: Rockets, EMP Grenades, Turrets, Heavy Machine Guns, etc. Delivered

Voyage Calendar

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