Venture City is home to a couple million citizens and is similar to any other city you may know of. There is one little thing about the city that no other city has. Some of those citizens can lift cars over their heads, shoot lasers from their eyes, go invisible, run at incredible speeds, just to name a few special talents. These people are called Supers. Some are heroes to the city, like Solar Man, who can control light. There are also villains in this city such as Splitstream. And there are the oddballs that got their powers but mostly stay out of the public eye and keep to themselves.

It all started about 60 years ago. Before then Venture city was a fairly normal city. It had its crime, its politics, its traffic, and sports teams. But then people with special abilities started popping up all over the place. What started the phenomena is still unknown but everyone has their theories. And up until 5 years ago it was completely random as to who got powers and who lived their whole life an ordinary person. A company who specializes in Supers finally figured out that everyone is capable of powers because they come from a gene that is dormant in most people. They figured out how to turn it on and off and even how to customize one’s abilities. Therefore, most of the rich in the city (about .5% of the population) have a power of some type.

You, the PCs, are among that small percentage that was able to buy your powers. It is possible that you got them naturally but chances are they were bought for you. You are all children of Octavious and Pearl Baldwin and in your 20s to early 30s. Your mother is the CEO of WinCorp, a company that designs technology for those that can afford it. One specialty is custom items for supers. You father passed away 12 years ago and it wasn’t completely clear where his money came from but your mother says he had a trading company. She has never provided any evidence of this but since his death the family’s lifestyle has changed some. You are still well off but not quite as well as before. Presumably, the trading company went with your father.

Other details concerning the start of game and little things you need to know will be posted in the forum where you can ask questions and discuss. Details on game play itself and how to build characters and custom rules for this game will be posted in the Wiki.



Fate: Venture City

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