Andrew Drake

High Concept: Help Those In Need
Aspect: Can’t Be Found
Aspect: Feel the Earth Beneath My Feet
Aspect: Still Learning
Aspect: Just a Child
Trouble: Father Doesn’t Get It


Power Mental Thievery
+5 Will
+4 R. Weapons, Resolve
+3 Endurance, M. Weapons, Physique, Deceive Evade
+2 Empathy, Lore, Provoke Stealth
+1 Acrobatics, Alertness, Investigate




Andrew can manipulate the earth around him, creating structures for people to live in or even weapons if need be. If he ends up in a fight he can lift earth from the area around him and fling them at people using Ranged Weapons.

Drawback: Must Be Connected

Collateral Damage: If Andrew doesn’t mind the area around him taking damage he can lift a large amount of earth and blast it in every direction. Each person in his zone and each one adjacent must make an Evade vs. 4.

Special Effects: Forced Movement, Inflict Condition


Andrew Drake

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