Kate Rider

High Concept: Star of Venture City
Aspect: Celebrity
Aspect: Well Educated
Aspect: Always On The Go
Aspect: In The Spot Light
Trouble: ???


Fame Talk Skill
+5 Rapport, Sing
+4 Contacts, Deceive, Empathy, Resources
+3 Athletics
+2 Provoke
+1 Acrobatics, Drive, Physique
Acrobatics +1 Alertness
Athletics +3 Contacts +4
Deceive +4 Drive +1
Empathy +4 Endurance
Evade Investigate
Lore Melee Weapons
Physique +1 Provoke +2
Ranged Weapons +3 Rapport +5
Resolve Resources +4
Stealth Will
Sing +5


Feel The Love Kate gets a +2 to her Sing skill when performing on a live stage.
Power Pose Kate gets a +2 to Physique when posing for pictures.

Kate Rider

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