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  • Sage to be Seth's Boss in Near Future?

    It has been discovered that after acquiring SunDance Inc., Cassandra Baldwin, CEO of WinCorp, is putting her sister, Sage Baldwin, in charge of the music department. This would mean that she will effectively be the boss of the

  • Baldwin Daughter Hits top 5!

    An incredible victory for Sage Baldwin after her first song to ever come out, though only unofficially, hits #3 on the music charts, topping even Outbreaks song which only hit #8. It is believed that the intense desire for her music is only due

  • Private Party Presents Pixie Punks

    Last night Sage Baldwin held a party for the group Outbreak to celebrate their return from tour at Aura Baldwins club, Nebula. During the party, Sage and her music group got on stage and presented some of their songs, and after they got Outbreak

  • Sappy Song from Seth to Sage

    It seems the drama is still not over between our favorite sources of drama in Venture City. We dont know what happened to between the two but Outbreak released another new song today and it sounds like the two are no longer together.

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