Baldwin Household

This is the place you live, or at least grew up in. Given your possible age you may not actually live in this house anymore but it is where your mother lives. It is a large house, big enough to take on a butler and two maids, Thaddeus, Sarah, and Elle. Each family member and the help have their own rooms to stay in whether they live there or visit. Each of your rooms is practically a suite, with a private bath, a large sitting area for personal entertainment, and a small sleeping room with a walk-in closet. The kitchen closes after 9 p.m. and opens again at 6 a.m.. There is a small garden that is tended to by the gardener, Raphael. Finally, there is also a large heated pool.

The help is usually nice as long as you’re nice in return. If you create problems for them, though, they can get quickly irritated.

Thaddeus is a bit pompous and always calls everyone master or misses. He likes to have things in order and will fuss if an area he just cleaned has something out of place.

Sarah is a newer maid, only hired a couple of years ago to replace another one. She’s gotten things down and has learned the job well, though Thaddeus would have you believe otherwise. Sometimes flirts a little with Cassandra.

Elle is a bit older and uses her age as an excuse to be lazy sometimes. Pearl doesn’t mind and doesn’t always realize Elle is faking it.

Raphael keeps to himself. He doesn’t live on site and only comes to tend to the garden and get instructions from Pearl. If ever approached he smiles and will chat, but will always be looking for a chance to leave the conversation.

Steve is the smart house kitchen program. He has thousands of recipes set up in his memory and can prepare almost anything you ask for as long as he has the ingredients in stock. He also cleans all the dishes, but Elle and Sarah have to clean up anything on the floors or counters. He can also learn what the family tends to like and will automatically set up a list of groceries when something gets low. That list is then sent off to a delivery company and Steve can tell them where everything goes. A few years ago, Steve was infected with a virus that made him rather sassy and easily annoyed. He still does everything he’s supposed to do but will often complain about it unless you compliment him and he often threatens to quit. Pearl liked the new personality so she hasn’t opted to have the issue fixed. Sometimes Steve and Thaddeus will get into arguments that can be quite funny to watch.

Your mother also has a workshop here but unless you actually work with her in the company she expects you to stay out of there.

Baldwin Household

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