Most people know of the Baldwin name. At least other corporate bigwigs and superheroes that buy from your mother’s line of products. Needless to say, you have some notoriety. However, you are not likely the Kardashians. If you would like to play a character that caters to a crowd and thrives in the lime light, you have options.

First, you could take a custom skill, perhaps call it Fame. This could take place of certain Contacts, Resources, or Provoke rolls. You can design it to fit how you want.

Secondly, you could take a fame based aspect to boost certain social skills.

Stunts are also useful if you know how to use them.

You can also use more than one option and combine them if you really want to stand out. Keep in mind, you are not only the heirs to a very prosperous company, but supers as well.


Fate: Venture City Nagryph