Just In Case

So you probably saw this page updated on the main page and thought, “what’s this?” and clicked on it. Well, there isn’t a lot for you to see on this page as of yet. But I will tell you that this page is designed to store backup stories and devices in the off-chance we lose a player character for any reason.

Yes, this campaign is designed to make PC death difficult, and with Fate’s “Take Out” system it’s most likely we can prevent deaths from occurring. However, there are moments already planned that if a character were to be taken out the only thing to make sense would be for the character to die; not to mention the plethora of unplanned moments that will inevitably pop up.

With the nature of this campaign, just bringing in any new character wouldn’t make sense. There need to be reasons for a new character to appear and hopefully join the party. Therefore, most of these devices are setups for possible new characters. The same rules apply to these characters as the Baldwin sisters at the beginning of the campaign. You will be able to create a back story for a character but only within the limits provided.

Unfortunately, though, there will be disadvantages to using one of these characters. First of all, the obvious drawback would be that you could end up less powerful than the rest of the party. With the nature of Fate, it’s difficult to make sure everyone is at the same “level” and though I will do my best to keep it balanced, there is a chance something is overlooked. Another will be that due to the game already being played in, you will not have as much freedom to shape the world to fit the character. Anything you add to the world when designing this character must not clash with the story already in progress. Other than those things you should be okay.

And one last thing. To make sure that the stories all work together, all stories and devices on this page are already canon. In other words, the characters on this page already exist starting at the beginning of the game. They will be hidden and will not be encountered due to the fact they can’t be completed until a player takes over them. Unless you guys actually want me to build premade characters for you guys to try and use on the off chance a PC leaves the party. But for now, they will remain incomplete and hidden within the game.

Just In Case

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