Battle Athletics Endurance Evade M. Weapons R. Weapons Physique
Talk Contacts Deceive Empathy Rapport Provoke Resources
Thievery Acrobatics Alertness Burglary Evade Investigate Stealth
Mental Deceive Empathy Lore Resolve Will Provoke
Skill Acrobatics Athletics Drive Physique Custom Stunt Extra
Urban Alertness Athletics Drive Physique Endurance R. Weapons
Power Endurance M. Weapons Physique R. Weapons Resolve Will
Fame Contacts Deceive Empathy Rapport Resources Custom
Melee Athletics Endurance Evade M. Weapons Physique Stunt Extra
Ranged Acrobatics Alertness Evade R. Weapons Stealth Stunt Extra
Spy Burglary Contacts Deceive Investigate Rapport Stealth
Untrained to Trained 1pt
Trained to Focused 1 pt
Focused to Specialized 2 pts.
Trained to Specialized 3 pts.

As skill can not be raised above Specialized.

Rules for modes can be found on page 29, chapter 3 of the Fate Core toolkit. This will be taking place of the half pyramid setup. You will start off with 3 columns and 12 points to further those skills for this campaign.

These are also samples, and likely the main modes that will be used for this game. However, I am open to the idea of adding more or allowing custom made modes to suit characters better. Custom modes must have a theme and all skills under that theme must make sense, then be approved by the GM.

In the Skill and Fame modes you will see the word custom. This refers to taking a custom skill that is not currently on the skills list. This custom skill should be used for character flavoring and provide a skill that your character is recognized for. If you want to make your custom skill something that is already on the list and explain the character flavoring, such as taking Melee Weapons because your character is a famous MMA fighter, you can present it to the GM for approval.

Some modes provide what is called a Stunt Extra. In short, this mode provides you with access to an extra stunt. This stunt can only be used as a normal stunt and can not be used towards a power.

An Untrained Skill is a skill that does not appear in any of your modes.


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