The Coliseum


Everyone loves a fight, and even better is when the fight is no rules and to the death. The Coliseum from outside appearance is a smaller replica of the ancient Coliseum that used to exist in Rome. Inside however is a full suite of amenities to please a wide variety of gamblers. It is somewhat of a new construction providing a form of separation for China Town and the Sprawl from the rest of Venture City. However, it is quickly attracting a following from more than those of the lower incomes. Incredible gambling odds help lure in large clients, with private suites to view all the action. Betting stations are on every level. However, one must be careful. Failure to pay your debts may result in you yourself becoming a contestant in the Coliseum.

Pit fighting in the Coliseum is broken into 3 brackets. This is done to spread out the brackets giving the patrons a better chance to win some money.

The Silver Bracket is for Non-Mutants only and has the lowest odds. The current reigning champ is a fierce warrior named Bella.
The Blood Bracket is for Mutants only and has mid level odds. The current reigning champ is a truly evil fellow, Ivelios.
The Death Angel Bracket is an Open Free For All! The winners of this bracket have the chance to earn their freedom or be named Champion. There is a current monetary prize for the Champion however, the winner is also granted a 1 on 1 meeting with the CEO of Jianyu to discuss future options. Be sure to tune into ESPN’S coverage of the final stages of the tournament on Sunday June 20th, 2066 @ 6:05 pm.

The Coliseum

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