Since you are from a rather wealthy family you shouldn’t have to worry too much about day to day expenses. Food, shelter, and clothing will be provided for you and you can buy most anything that is legal and easy to find. With that in mind you will have a Resources skill automatically at rank 4 along with a campaign aspect: Wealthy. For social situations you will also have the campaign aspect: Baldwin Family.

For the purposes of this game we will be introducing a new stress element called Wealth Stress. The rules on it are in the Fate Toolbox.

“One alternative is introducing a new stress track—Wealth. When you attempt
something that would be made easier by the liberal application of cash, you
can check a Wealth stress box for a bonus to your roll (see the Extra Effort
stress variant on page 60).
For example, if you’re haggling over the price of a hover-speeder using
Rapport—or Provoke, if you’re being a real jerk about it—and you fail your
roll, you could check a Wealth stress box to pay too much for it. Or perhaps
you’re planning a heist and fail your Burglary roll? Check a Wealth stress box
to get—or have gotten—the expensive gear you need to pull it off. Can’t find
the assassin you’re looking for with Contacts? Maybe checking a Wealth stress
box will improve your informants’ memories. And so on.
In other words, it’s succeeding at a serious cost, where that cost is literally
a cost.”

If you check off a wealth stress box and later on are given money for whatever reason you can uncheck that box. Also, if you go back home and make a point to pick up more money or stop by an ATM you can uncheck all filled wealth stress boxes.


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